為什麼外國人喜歡住在台北? Why do Foreigners Prefer Living in Taipei?

[有字幕] 為什麼外國人喜歡住在台北?Why do Foreigners Prefer living in Taipei?

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  1. Taiwanese people have made Taipei the great city it is now, lot of respect for the older generations who worked hard to create the lifestyle Taiwanese and foreigners can nowadays enjoy in the city and the country ! Another amazing and informative video!!!

  2. 我喜歡住桃園,我現也住桃園市,因人沒像台北哪麼多人,生活可以更輕鬆自在,往北走或往南走都很方便,物價房價也還ok。

  3. 可以偶爾到南部來看看阿

    台南的水龍頭打開後,流出來的都是蜂蜜 XDD


    我家高雄這邊 90塊,就有兩三樣小菜跟兩塊豬腳

    1. 上個月去逢甲,感覺蠻失望的,攤位都搞成連鎖的,逛來逛去都是那幾家連鎖攤位,都有迷路的感覺了,逛起來真的很無聊。而且有些還賣得比台北貴(像是炸旗魚串,差不多的分量,台北廣州街夜市賣10元,台中逢甲賣20元)

  4. I love living in Kaohsiung.

    Living in Kaohsiung is really convenient, because
    – There is an international airport which connects it to many destinations in Asia, and the airport is not as congested as Taoyuan airport
    – MRT and LRT are great and punctual
    – You only need to pay 24 ntd maximum for the bus fare in 1 day (Just two taps and all the other rides within the day are free)
    – It is more cheaper to live here than in Taipei, when it comes to daily expenses
    – Most of the shops that I go to in Taipei are also in Kaohsiung
    – Not much people living here 🙂

    Although, I would say, air quality here in Kaohsiung is really bad.

  5. 其實小學二年級前,我們家都是住台北市,租房子,但實在是買不起台北市房子,後來小學三年級搬回我媽家鄉桃園,那時一間兩層樓空屋,只要。三萬臺幣,加上裝潢,油漆,與隔間,只需八萬多臺幣,結果是我父親看不起桃園,還是堅持租屋不買,但隔三年路口道路拓寬為。四線道,加上第一條高。速公路設有南崁交流道,房價立即漲為三十萬,其實還是便宜,就我父親那傲慢外省人態度,結局就是我們一輩子租房子,直到我長大結婚自己買房,如果我父親是個務實國民,現在即使不是富翁,至少擁有幾間房子沒問題,他一直以身為台北市人為傲,始終只想買台北市房子,結果被沒收訂金,,超過百萬,因為以前貸款額度除非公務員,否則頂多五成,五成都很難貸到,當年沒有私人銀行,全是公營銀行,

    1. 其實在民國101年以後 中央補助高雄的預算 已經遠遠超過台北 另外 有關陳水扁當總統的時候 補助南部的金額 也是相當相當的龐大

    1. This is Taiwan 其實桃園蠻好的,福利好,工業區多,政府沒負債,還有最重要的一點就是,住在桃園天災很少的,例如地震和颱風,水災,但是比較可惜的就是,有點無聊。

  6. not trying to promote anything ! You should know by now I’m a genuine fan. However I did make a Kaohsiung VS Taipei comparison video because I have experience working and living in both cities!

    Great video btw

  7. Thank you for the great video! I am thinking about moving to Taiwan sometime in the future, but I’m worried about the air pollution. I had to leave South Korea after a year because my body is apparently very sensitive to it. Is there any information available about which areas may have lower levels of pollution?

    1. @jhu022 Thank you! Yeah, every place definitely has its own pros and cons. I just want to try and make the most educated decision I can 🙂

    2. East coast of Taiwan has least air pollution. There are three counties along the east coast:
      1, Yilan [ee-lan] is close to Taipei, but it rains a lot.
      2, Hualien has gorgeous sceneries, but is most often hit by earthquakes. Foreigners can get heart attacks easily living there.
      3, Taitung has the warmest weather in Taiwan, on par with Taipei during summer. It is very very warm during other seasons too.
      Many people, even Taiwan locals, do not realize that Taipei has the most unbearable summer in Taiwan due to its basin nature. The humidity, heat, and pollutants have no where to go but stay in the Taipei basin.
      All in all, I think every city in Taiwan has its drawbacks.

  8. Lots of westerners or expatriates prefer to live or stay in Taipei for several reasons. One reason is the fact that pubs, clubs and discotheques everywhere in Taipei City. After the work, many foreigners like to go to this kind of places to enjoy night life for relaxation. The second reason is there are lots of modern facilities and various activities there. Everyone can choose what suits their fancy well. The third reason is that it offers convenient and wide spread public transportation. especially metro system there. When a Foreigner first come to Taiwan, he has no cars or scooters and he doesn’t want to confine himself to a certain area, he may likely choose Taipei City to settle down due to its transportation convenience.

  9. I cannot find the best city in Taiwan:
    1, The great Taipei area (including Xinbei) has the most unbearable hot summer due to its basin nature. The humidity, heat, and pollution have nowhere to go but stay in the basin. Besides, the winter in Taipei is cold and humid.
    2, Taichung has the best weather in Taiwan, but it’s pollution is famous. Besides, significant earthquakes hit Taichung quite often.
    3, Taoyuan and Hsinchu are quite windy. Wind chills are unpleasant during winter. The pollution level are next to Taichung and Kaohsiung.
    4, Tainan is relatively rural. Its public transportation is poor. Most people there do not follow traffic rules. Mosquitos are a problem for people living in Tainan.
    5, Kaohsiung is famous for its air pollution during winter. Water quality and shortage are problems for the city. There are many mosquitos that can cause infectious diseases and even take away human lives. The heavy industries down there means a lot of trucks, which take away people’s lives often. Residents there basically ignore any traffic rules.

    1. 台南空氣品質很髒,可以住宜蘭市,陽明大學附設醫院,宜蘭大學,宜蘭中學,蘭陽女中,宜蘭高商 宜蘭最好國中在宜蘭大學隔壁,宜蘭火車站,轉運站 以上設置,騎機車三~五分鐘,運動公園,文化中心,演藝廳,小美術館,佛光山蘭陽別院也有藝術品展出,縣政府也在宜蘭市,宜蘭維一缺點就是冬天雨水太多

  10. 要介紹 台灣台北 要先了解台灣的文化 在早期國民黨執政時重北輕南 而且國慶的煙火主題都放在北部 所以漸漸地產生北部的人民跟南部的人民會戰南北 許多國外的旅行者都稱讚台北 甚至北部當地人也覺得很自豪 更覺得很驕氣 有101的總統府 有所有全台灣的金融 中心都在台北 甚至每年的國慶煙火也都設在北部 這就是當初國民黨執政 重北輕南 所造成的建設與政策 許多中南部的民眾 根本看不起 甚至 連鳥都不想鳥 這一塊 台北的土地跟台北的虛華 台北獎的是 法理情 南部講的事情理法 北部人重的是利 南部人重的是義 而許多外國人 感受到台北的人情味 其實 這一份人情味 是從南部帶上去的 南部人 沒有鳥過台北虛華的一天過 所以 當你很用力的在介紹台北的時候 有多少台北以下的中南部人 看了你的視頻之後 只有長嘆氣一聲 台北市人口200多萬 那台灣的 總人數 2300多萬個人 扣掉200多萬 還剩 2100左右是其他縣市的人 所以2100萬個台灣人民 也許都在著 。

  11. Taichung is probably the best of the big three for me, though the air quality is an issue that needs to be addressed. Hsinchu is slowly creeping into my heart. It really has a nice vibe and the people just seem a lot more real – hard to explain, but its populace just don’t seem to be as pretentious as elsewhere. It has consistently been voted the happiest city in the country! Quite an accomplishment considering how windy the city can get at times!

  12. 台北是首都,擁有政府所提供的最多資源,過去人人想去台北,

    1. @左御史 你是在說這國的憲法嗎?第三十五條 中華人民共和國公民有言論、出版、集會、結社、游行、示威的自由。
      第三十六條 中華人民共和國公民有宗教信仰自由。

  13. Love the precise and beautiful words in this video, and not surprised by the always professional YouTuber, Nathan. A very recommended tutorial video for anyone who might be interested in visiting Taiwan, especially the Taipei City.

  14. 台灣有四大夜市


  15. Taipei is….when it comes to the “ convenience “, however , if I want to retire, I would choose a smaller city or maybe in the country sides.

  16. I grew up in the countryside and currently live in New Taipei City. After finishing the education, some of my classmates from elementary and high school went back to my hometown to work and live in a small city or nearby countryside while I chose New Taipei City instead of Taipei City to settle down. I prefer New Taipei City because every time when an important or controversial event is going on nationwide, the venue is most likely to be in Taipei City and south to the Taipei main station and I can be on the scene in 30 minutes from my residence if I want. I know it’s only out of mindset and rarely did I go to Taipei City because of such controversial issues. It’s no substantial meaning. In fact, Taipei City and New Taipei City should be considered a metropolitan domain together. Many people work in Taipei City but live in New Taipei City. If you meet people on the Taipei streets, it’s hard for you to guess where they live. I prefer to live in a place without too much commercial surroundings and the price of housing is generally much cheaper in New Taipei City than in Taipei City.

    1. @This is Taiwan
      那其實是保安宮, 裡面供俸主神”保生大帝”,
      大同區算是老社區,在台北市是古老的地區,不過又交通便利(有交流道 捷運 重慶北路 公車更是方便)。

  17. 我住在新竹,我非常喜歡新竹這個城市,雖然公共建設不像直轄市那麼好,但是新竹保留了許多的古蹟、文化,還是北台灣最古老的城市,保留著許多縣市都沒有的東西,像是護城河,而且我很喜歡這邊的天氣,不像台北那麼常下雨,有很強的風,冬天也很舒服,而且和台北一樣也是高科技聚集的城市,有台灣矽谷的稱號,所以我非常喜歡住在新竹

  18. 台北目前逐漸沒落中,這波中美大戰後,廠商都在中南部蓋廠,未來恐怕商業中心在台中,高雄,生產中心在新竹到高雄。台北仍有一席之地,但絕對會日益不重要

    1. ​@陳美秀 笑死了跟我秀人口數據,人口減少所以呢??你當台北IT結構是死的是不是??你憑什麼認為人口數減少,中南部設廠(況且只還只是你推想,自以為可以從中美貿易戰撈好處?太好笑了,你該不會以為台商都要回流吧?別再讓我笑話了)就足以斷定台北的衰敗?請問你是哪個丼裡出來的人?

    2. @you yokoyama 柯文哲上任以來,台北人口淨減少93000人,這是到108.10月的數據。目前台北人口剩260萬左右。桃園105年升格目前人口己突破220萬人,台北又老又蕭條己是有目共睹。但台北做為台灣重要大城,發展久遠且國家長期挹注大量資源,還是有他的文化底蘊,和一定的重要性,但不會再像過去這麼重要,會愈來愈不重要。

  19. https://youtu.be/adGumcsG0JE 希望台湾早日回到祖国的怀抱,请记住,你们的家有960多万平方公里,而不是3.6万平方公里。这些都是属于我们的,为什么不要呢?让我们一起复兴中华民族,一起让中国重新成为世界人类文明的巅峰。

  20. 台北市因為地形的關係很悶熱又潮濕和擁擠~台灣人說真的應該不太會喜歡居住在那裏!!

  21. Yeah, he’ll no. Way too crowded. I’m typing this from nice peaceful Luodong. Love going to Taipei to spend the day shopping, goofing around, but it would take a hell of a job offer to get me to move there! Taitung on the other hand, looks very nice, along with a ton of towns in the south! Learn mandarin though, Taipei is much easier if you can’t get by without English. Taipei is easy to get around? Are you high? Very tough to drive in Taipei, tough and expensive to park a car. Luodong has free shuttle bus, and isn’t too dangerous to ride a scooter. Also, I can literally walk across this town pushing a baby stroller! Then there are the huge parks!

  22. 我住桃園39年,「六都」裡我覺得台中最棒,因為店面大間又有特色,天氣又好,房價相較台北便宜很多。


  23. 我正港台北人,住新北市,我還是喜歡住台北,雖然人多擁擠,住也比其他地方貴,但是其他全縣市吃喝其實沒有差很多,然後交通始終也還是比其他縣市方便,出門幾乎不開車,騎車搭公車捷運都可以到

  24. I love Taichung city.

  25. 台北市最早系居住原住民,例如平埔族,因此才有"凯达格兰大道"就系为纪念凯达格兰族。明清时期移入大量嘅闽南(福建南部)人,而赶走或同化原住民他们。日领时代因建了总督府和诸多中央机关,台北市才逐渐迎头赶上台南市成为首善之都。 1949年甚多外省人跟随蒋匪介石败逃而定居于此,亦因日趋发展,所以吸引甚多中南部人民群众北漂(漂向北方)就业或求学,甚至因此定居。
    Táiběi shì zuìzǎo xì jūzhù yuán zhùmín, lìrú píng pǔ zú, yīncǐ cái yǒu”kǎi dá gé lán dàdào”jiù xì wèi jìniàn kǎi dá gé lán zú. Míng qīng shíqí yírù dàliàng kǎi mǐnnán (fújiàn nánbù) rén, ér gǎn zǒu huò tónghuà yuán zhùmín tāmen. Rì lǐng shídài yīn jiànle zǒngdū fǔ hé zhūduō zhōngyāng jīguān, táiběi shì cái zhújiàn yíngtóugǎnshàng táinán shì chéngwéi shǒu shànzhī dū. 1949 Nián shén duō wài xǐng rén gēnsuí jiǎng fěi jiè shí bài táo ér dìngjū yú cǐ, yì yīn rìqū fāzhǎn, suǒyǐ xīyǐn shén duō zhōng nánbù rénmín qúnzhòng běi piāo (piào xiàng běifāng) jiùyè huò qiúxué, shènzhì yīncǐ dìngjū.
    Yīncǐ kě shuō zhěnggè táiběi shì sì fēn zhī yī rénkǒu xì 1949 nián zhīqián dìngjū yú cǐ kǎi mǐnnán rén jí qí hòudài, sì fēn zhī yī rénkǒu xì 1949 nián qiánhòu dìngjū yú cǐ kǎi wài xǐng rén jí qí hòudài, sì fēn zhī yī rénkǒu xì 1950 nián hòu běi piāo dìngjū yú cǐ kǎi zhōng nánbù mínzhòng jí qí hòudài, shèngyú sì fēn zhī yī ruò kǎi rénkǒu jí xì yuán zhùmín (shān bāo) huò hūnjià huò qítā yīnsù yímín guòlái zhī wàiguó rén jí qí hòudài.

  26. Hi, Nathan. I’d love to know more about the small towns in the Taiwan highlands. There’s very little information about them… Especially the weather.

  27. Kaohsiung City, my wife is from there – mom still there 🙂 – They have a wonderful Mayer – almost President – & I am sure he will do well for Taiwan. I just hope the other party puts Taiwan above their interests & helps him. Rodney King once said, “Why can’t we all, just get along.” Just put aside all our noise & focus on what is best… or as Spock said… “The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few, or The One.” Put Other peoples interests before your own. That is what Government SHOULD DO. Remember, Vote better, next time. I’m glad to be a U.S. Citizen 🙂 wife is both … 🙂

  28. Hello, thank you for the video. I am Taiwanese and live in Taoyuan, but I prefer the combination of the religious culture of the temple in Taipei and the metropolis!🇹🇼💖

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